Randy Best

Education is a cornerstone of the life work of American entrepreneur and philanthropist Randy Best. Over the last 18 years, Randy Best has founded Voyager Expanded Learning, Whitney University Systems and Academic Partnerships, three progressive organizations actively advancing the mission of democratizing education. Today, as chairman and CEO of Academic Partnerships and executive chairman of Whitney University System, Randy Best leads both companies' development of innovative learning experiences that make higher education more accessible and achievable for students in the U.S., Latin America and around the world. Randy Best is Chairman of Best Associates and has founded or acquired more than one-hundred private or publicly owned businesses.

Voyager Story

Between 2001 and 2004, Voyager Expanded Learning became the most effective reading program for K-4 students in U.S. public schools. The program was so consistently successful in leading to fluency among all children that the company guaranteed 100% literacy for its users, offering money back to any student who failed to read at grade level after 2 years in Voyager..

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South African women

For more than 30 years, Randy Best has been committed to bringing together people and resources that deliver solutions to the world’s most critical problems, principally poverty and education in the developing world. His philanthropic giving supports Chiapas International’s microfinancing for women in Latin America; Columbia University Earth Institute's efforts to address public health, poverty and urbanization in Africa; Marshall Plan Charities for Afghanistan Recovery to help restore Afghan villages; and Harvard Graduate School of Education’s initiatives aimed at improving the quality of schooling in South Africa.

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